Teak Care

Deep Sea Teak offers you the very best Solid Teak, Grade A, Kiln Dried, handmade furniture with solid brass fittings. Teak can be allowed to age naturally in the weather and sun, gradually developing a soft silver/grey patina, with minimal maintenance required. 

Depending on the amount and intensity of direct sunlight, teak can take 3 months to a year to go from the new, golden teak look to the silver/ grey finish. Occasional washing and light scrubbing with a detergent (Simple Green®) or a wash down with a salt water solution is all that is needed.

Alternatively, a teak oil coating will retain the golden teak look. Teak oil coating has to be repeated every six months to two years, depending on sun exposure. This is ideal 

for teak furniture that is on a covered patio, largely in the shade or has short daily sun exposure due to shade. For an additional charge, we can also treat your furniture with teak oil, but be aware that additional coatings will be necessary from time to time in the future.

There are a variety of other high quality coatings for teak, we recommend Starbrites® teak products. The Starbrite Premium Teak Cleaner, Premium Teak Brightener, and Premium Golden Teak Oil are all formulated using the best, most high-tech ingredients available for long-lasting protection and beauty. Starbrite is available at a variety of retailers.

One of the wonderful things about teak is that wine stains, ketchup, or scratches that might otherwise ruin some furniture can be remedied with teak. If a quick rinse or Starbrite Premium Teak Cleaner aren’t sufficient to remove the problem teak can be sanded down, most of the time relatively easily. Depending on the size and type of problem, use an abrasive grit sandpaper, 100, to remove the surface layer blemish, then shift to a finer grain, 300, to restore the smooth finish. For natural teak, the aged look will be restored relatively quickly. For teak used in for dining, teak oil or sealer is recommended to help repel stains.